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Tips And Tricks PHP Developers Need To Follow

Tips And Tricks PHP Developers Need To Follow

Powering more than 80 percent of the active websites, PHP stands out to be the most favoured and widely used server-side programming language. At least there are 20 million domains that use this language. And some of the most popular sites that run on PHP are Facebook, Zoom, Wikipedia, and more. Actually, there are several reasons for using PHP like its open-source nature, support for different frameworks, easy syntax, availability of the PHP development tools, in-built libraries, methods, functions, and classes, and the large community support. These are also the reasons why most business owners prefer to choose a PHP developer when it comes to web development.

However, with the increasing use of PHP and the increasing number of PHP websites, it has also become crucial for developers to build competitive, lightweight, engaging, and powerful websites making the best use of the programming language. Developing the sites successfully, perfectly, and flawlessly and delivering the websites to the clients on time are also equally important. And here are the tips and tricks that developers need to follow for efficient and successful PHP website development.

Use a PHP framework:

PHP supports a wide range of frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and more, that make web development more efficient, and effortless. Using these frameworks also helps with less coding and faster website development. These are well-organised and structured frameworks that are based on PHP. And using any of these frameworks help developers to use much better website development patterns than using the conventional and normal custom PHP coding style.

Save time with a good PHP source editor:

An editor can also save a lot of development time. Editors help with easy coding again, code hinting, easy debugging of the codes, and code navigation. There are plenty of editors available like Sublime Text, Notepad++, Komodo edit, and more. And you need to choose the right one based on your project requirements.

Use single quotes instead of using double quotes:

Always use single quotes instead of double-quotes. It is more preferable to use single quotes in the strings because the parser does not have to shift through the PHP codes to seek the escaped characters. And the double quotes may cause a problem when the HTML tags and the corresponding syntax are involved.

Do not over-comment the codes:

Though commenting the codes is a good practice but over-commenting the codes is never suggested. Make sure to just comment only on the complicated parts of the codes to make that part easy to understand.

Follow OOP:

Objects are actually the classes that you can reuse repeatedly while programming. Object-Oriented Programming or OOP is simpler, faster, and is pretty easier to debug, OOP helps with less coding, faster loading, and lets you use fewer server resources. This makes it good to use OOP when you are building a PHP website.

Use the in-built PHP classes and functions:

PHP comes with several in-built classes and functions. And it is a good practice to use the class or function names whenever you want to implement the same functionality or logic defined in any of the functions or classes. This also saves time, keeps the codes clean, and makes you write fewer codes.

Enable error reporting:

Always enable error reporting while coding. This will display the errors if any then and there. This also makes it easy for the developers to identify, address and resolve the errors immediately.

Use POST instead of GET:

Although the GET function is easier to use while implementing functionalities like pagination, etc., using the POST function is safer and prevents PHP websites from getting hacked.

Replace IF statements with Switch:

Instead of using long IF statements in your PHP code snippets, it is recommended to use the Switch function instead. This reduces the computation while executing the scripts or codes. The Switch statement actually executes the codes line by line or statement by statement and once PHP gets a true case statement during execution, it not only executes that particular code or statement but also automatically executes the other subsequent case statements or lines till the last switch block.

So, these are some of the best tips and practices every PHP developer, especially the beginners, must follow to ensure efficient coding, easier and effortless development, easy debugging, and faster delivery of the projects. Always remember, becoming an expert in PHP web development does not only depend on reading and learning the manuals and online documentation available. Writing codes efficiently, using certain tips and tricks is also essential for smart website development making the best use of the scripting language.



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