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Useful Topics for Business


Unique business presentation topics

1. Products

Products, especially newly released products, serve as great presentation topics. A business presentation on products focuses on one particular product or several similar products. New and updated products are fascinating to many people and a presentation is a useful way to introduce these products to a new audience. Older products are also good presentation topics because you can reflect on tried and true manufacturing, supply and product strategies.

Consider these business presentations topics on products:

  • Computer and phone applications for business
  • The best business products of the year
  • Computer tools every business needs
  • Creating a successful product
  • Evaluating product effectiveness
  • Determining a customer's need for a product

2. Productivity

Productivity topics involve tips and routines that help an employee manage time and achieve goals. A presentation on productivity that looks at tools can help promote workflow and focus. This topic also examines valuable habits that assist productivity, such as good sleep habits or short rest breaks during the day. Presentations on productivity benefit employees by teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Consider these business presentation topics on productivity:

  • How sleep impacts productivity
  • Morning Routines of successful people
  • Evening routines of successful people
  • How to track your productivity
  • Nutrition and fitness for productivity
  • How to create effective to-do list

3. Strategy

Business strategy looks at the kinds of impactful approaches a business takes for optimal success. A business strategy includes what the next steps are for a company and why. It also considers competitors and their approach to business. Thinking about strategy and successful planning guides your business towards achieving short- and long-term goals.

Consider these business presentation topics on strategy:

  • How to create a step-by-step strategy
  • How to analyze a competitor's strategy
  • Different marketing strategy
  • How to evaluate the marketplace

4. Data

Analyzing and interpreting data for your audience shows your skill set and shares relevant research. The information you present is the result of data collected from multiple sources. Focusing on the most important information and explaining it makes the content comprehensible and concise. Businesses often use these data presentations to figure out the next steps and potential business modification needs.

Consider these business presentation topics on data:

  • The best data analysis tools
  • How to collect data
  • How customers provide valuable data
  • What data to collect and why
  • Differences between qualitative and quantitative data
  • What to do with online data


5. Safety

Safety is a primary business concern, regardless of the industry. Conversations surrounding safety are especially common in the food industry because many employees handle equipment such as knives and stoves. However, safety is also important in other businesses. Safety includes knowing emergency protocols, important phone numbers and company procedures for unsafe environments.

Consider these business presentation topics on safety:

  • How to properly handle equipment
  • How to exit the building in case of an emergency
  • Important emergency contacts to know
  • What to do in inclement weather
  • Online safety and security

6. Culture

One of the main priorities of a business is to make sure employees feel happy in the workspace. Company culture is significant because it creates a specific experience for the employees. Understanding how to establish and develop a company culture is crucial to providing a comfortable environment. A presentation on culture explains how to create a healthy and enjoyable workspace. Some examples include hosting company events, providing opportunities and implementing team-building exercises.

Consider these business presentation topics on culture:

  • Exercises for creating a company culture
  • How to maintain a positive work environment 
  • Ideas to promote employee bonding
  • How to create a company identity
  • Different events to enhance company culture

7. Inspirational

Inspirational topics are positive and encouraging. They are useful in inspiring your audience to take action or even simply reflect on a topic. Some inspirational presentations begin with activities such as brainstorming and goal setting. Inspirational topics look at how employees grow as individuals and in the company.

Consider these business presentation topics on inspiration:

  • How to reach goals
  • How to find a mentor
  • What mindfulness is
  • How to integrate positive thinking

8. Professional development

Professional development focuses on a person's approach to learning and growing in their field. During a presentation on professional development, you could discuss different options for enhancing knowledge within a particular industry, such as networking with professionals or signing up for seminars and conferences...

Consider these business presentation topics on professional development:

  • How to find seminars and conferences to attend
  • Signing up for courses to learn new skills
  • Marketing yourself as a professional
  • Building a professional website
  • Creating a resume and cover letter

9. Finance

Business finances are more complex and require a better understanding of financial information. For example, taxes are generally more complicated and additional finance steps are necessary for a business to remain active. Going over these components during a business presentation helps your audience understand financial terminology. This topic also explains the distinctions between personal and business finances.

Consider these business presentation topics on finances:

  • Taxes for small businesses
  • Accounting Terminology business employees need to know
  • The essential roles of human resources department
  • How to organize business finances
  • How to budget and save money
  • The basics of investing

10. Teamwork

There are many strategies for incorporating teamwork into the workspace. Teamwork is a great way to build trust and loyalty among employees. Each business has its way of sustaining cooperation in the workspace. A business presentation on teamwork introduces methods that could encourage productive collaboration.

Consider these business presentation topics on teamwork:

  • Team building activities for the office
  • How to brainstorm as a team
  • The best way to create a team
  • Roles in a team project
  • How to set up goals as a group
  • What team brainstorming is

11. Management

A business management team consists of supervisors and managers that have a lot of responsibility. They train and guide their employees and develop strategies to grow their business success. Management as a presentation topic focuses on each person's role on a management team, how to be a successful manager and why leadership is essential to any business.

Consider these business presentation topics on management:

  • Important characteristics of a management team
  • What risk management means
  • Transitioning into a manager
  • How to be a good leader
  • Giving feedback as a supervisor
  • How to create an evaluation system

12. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a fascinating topic about people who start their own businesses. Many people enjoy discussing the concept of entrepreneurship because it deals with risk and innovation. A presentation focused on how to start a business, what a small business looks like and the traits of a successful entrepreneur could keep your audience engaged.

Consider these business presentation topics on entrepreneurship:

  • What an entrepreneur is and what do they do
  • Examples of successful entrepreneur ventures
  • How to hire your first employees
  • How to market your business
  • How to manage a small team


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