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  • Aug. 1, 2022, 4:17 p.m.

Wonderful Programming And Its Insanely Advantage

“Wonderful Programming and Its Insanely Advantage”

 A programming language is a computer language engineered to create a standard form of commands. These commands can be interpreted into a code understood by a machine. Programs are created through programming languages to control the behavior and output of a machine through accurate algorithms, similar to the human communication process.

code should be clean, concise and easy to understand. It’s not about showing how clever you are or how complicated you can make your code, it’s about finding the simplest way possible of making your ideas.

A programming language is also known as a programming system, computer language or computer system.There are a huge benifits to learn programming. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Coding can help you understand technology

  • It can enhance problem-solving skills

  • Coding can be applied to data visualization.

  • Coding can complement creativity

  • Coding is a universal language

  • Coders are part of a community

  • Coding can improve career prospects


 10 Tips for writing wonderful code in any programming language

  1. Use descriptive names:  Descriptive coding is a first cycle method of coding that involves reading through qualitative data, and coding passages according to topic. Descriptive codes are often in the form of a noun, and summarizes the topic of the data. “Tagging” and using “Hashtags” in social media is a widely used version of descriptive coding.

  2. Use empty lines to create readablecode:  Blank lines are a must in my opinion. I use them to separate different logical blocks of code. Makes the code readable. Readable code is good code ;) Programmers use whitespace in their code to make it easier to read. Don't put more than one statement on a line. Use blank lines to separate your code into logical sections.

  3. Do not send more than three parameters into a function:  Functions with three arguments (triadic function) should be avoided if possible. More than three arguments (polyadic function) are only for very specific cases and then shouldn’t be used anyway. In my opinion this a great guideline to follow to write better code, but they’re just guidelines, not strict rules that you have to follow no matter what.

  4. Remember the functions must do only one thing: A function doing only one thing is necessarily more straightforward to understand than a similar function doing that same thing and something else. Every additional responsibility increases the difficulty of reasoning about a function. Fewer Bugs.

  5. Functions must be small: Function is a pleasure to read and easy to follow.The goal is to split the big function into a smaller independent and reusable ones.The first step is extract the code that determines the weight of a value by its type .

  6.   Reduce the number of characters in a line : (1) If you want that others are only able to enter exact number of characters, says 10 characters, select the equal to item. (2) If you want that the number of inputted character is no more than 10, select the less than item. (3) If you want that the number of inputted character is no less than 10, select the greater than item.

  7. Avoid using commentsMost coders would chuckle and move on, ignoring the code smell. There are also times when you come across a comment that is redundant. If the code is already simple and obvious, there’s no need to add a comment. 

  8. Create a descriptive message when you create a commit: The commit message should describe what changes our commit maskes to the behaviour of the code ,not what changed in the code. We can see what change in the previous commit. So we don't need to repeat it in the commit.

  9. Use Unit Test and practice Test Driven Development:  Unit tests are the stories that maintain the software quality from the first line of code. Unit tests weed out defects at an early stage and promote safe refactoring in the  test-driven development  (TDD) approach. Other advantages of unit testing are comprehensive documentation, improved coupling, and fewer regression tests.

  10. Learn design patternDesign patterns represent the best practices used by experienced object-oriented software developers. Design patterns are solutions to general problems that software developers faced during software development.



  • Problems become easier to solve. Once you start thinking about clean code, your approach to problem-solving changes. Instead of brute-forcing solutions, your algorithms and software design become more elegant and intentional.

  • Less time is wasted on maintenance. Clean code is easier to read and understand, so you spend less time trying to figure out what certain segments actually do and more time on fixing, revising, extending, etc.

  • Ideas are more clearly communicated. If you're working with other programmers, clean code reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings between all of you, which also means fewer bugs in the long run.

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