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School Management System: This system can efficiently manage the student data of a school. This system has four integrated portals.

 • Student Portal

 • Teacher/Faculty Portal

 • Management/Head of Department/ Admin portal

 • Transport Portal



1. Students can see their performance analytics, Attendance records, Marksheets, Id card, etc.

2. Students can take live classes, pre-recorded classes and homework with this portal.

3. Students can pay school fee, hostel fee, library fee, and extra-curricular activities fee in online mode.

4. Students can purchase school accessories like books, notebooks, school bag, stationary items, etc.

5. Students’ portal has quiz section for subjects. The teachers can take quiz on this portal.

6. Student can see news and quick notifications published by school.

7. Leader board section shows student position in the class and school based on student performance.

8. Student can complain or apply leave to the teacher or school.



1. Teacher can divide class student in sections.

2. Teacher can take live classes and upload pre-recorded classes for the students according to subjects.

3. Teacher can take attendance of the students.

4. Teacher can assign homework to the students.

5. Teacher can see the students’ performance individually and can track the student behavior.

6. All teachers can generate their subjects’ marks data for marksheet generation.

7. Teacher can see student complain and leave application.

8. Teacher can send birthday or other wishes to the students.

9. Teacher can take quiz according to subjects.

10.Teachers can send report of their student to the parents and the management.

11.Teacher can apply for leave.

12.Teacher can see their salary status and track the salary records.



1. Admin can see students, teacher’s profile and can add or delete any student or teacher.

2. Admin can see Fee Collection analytics (student fee + hostel fee + library fee + others, etc.)

3. Admin can see admissions data and track the record of admissions according to previous records.

4. Admin can see students’ complaints.

5. Admin can add shop or inventory for school accessories or can assign role for stationary and can manage their inventory.

6. Admin can see leaderboard of the school.

7. Admin can send the notifications and alerts for the students and teachers.

8. Admin can generate marksheets and id cards with different themes.

9. Customized Marksheet and id card prints can be generated.

10. Schedule classes and assign teachers in calendar can be done.

11. Admin can purchase extra features according to their needs from the features shop.



1. Hostel Management system.

2. Account and Billing system.

3. Library Management System.

4. Hostel Management System.


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